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About Us

Industry veterans for over two decades 

Based in Indonesia, PT GLOBAL INDO RUBBER has been a leading manufacturer & exporter of high-quality rubber products for over 25 years. We specialize in rubber matting and sheeting. Besides this, we also produce other rubber products such as rubber fenders, bumpers as well as extruded rubber products.


PT GLOBAL INDO RUBBER offers an extensive line of rubber products, to the agricultural, industrial, commercial, marine, automotive as well as residential sectors

What makes us special

Our products are made of rubber compound containing a high percentage of new Natural Rubber, mixed with superior quality recycled rubber. Therefore our products have an excellent price/quality level, a long life-span and are better value for money compared to the products offered by other manufacturers.


Other key factors to our success are a market oriented approach, flexibility, modern machinery and an experienced R&D department. Our objective is to fulfill the needs of our current and future clients with respect to product quality, -reliability and –innovation, to go hand in hand with competitive prices and well scheduled deliveries.


We believe that the above mentioned objectives are most important to our successful cooperation with our partners around the globe. We would like to further expand our business activities and established healthy, long term business relations with strong and reliable partners on several continents. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any kind of additional information and/or to discuss business opportunities.

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